Convenient Hypocracy

The Health Ranger makes some good points about how people-of all political stripes-tend to favor tollerance towards those whom they like, and complete intolerance towards those they do not like.  Leftists on campus like to tell everyone how tolerant they are and how much they support tolerance…until they run across someone who dares to violate one of their sacred cows-like questioning racial preferences (Affirmative Action), or questioning feminism-and then suddenly tolerance goes out the window and we have “hate” speech laws trying to punish and  censor anyone who dares to disagree with the PC line.  The same is true of certain right wing “libertarians” who want the government to prohibit all kinds of “immoral”  activities (prostitution, abortion, pornography, homosexuality…).

And here’s the philosophical contradiction in the liberty movement today: Too many of those who say they want the government out of their lives on issues like vaccines, parenting and local farm food are the very same people who demand government intervention on issues where someone else lives by a different moral code than their own (or a non-existent moral code, in some cases). Same-sex marriage, prostitution, abortion, recreational drug use… you name it. Suddenly the call for liberty becomes something far less noble: a demand for moral conformity administered via an all-powerful government. This is exactly what gives rise to government tyranny! Because any time you call for government to intervene in the lives of others with which you disagree, you also empower that same government with the power to rule over your own life.

So you see, when you call for government to get involved in criminalizing the things you might strongly disagree with — pot smokers, abortion, prostitution or anything else — you are by definition demanding that government grow its power in order to enforce your own moral code onto others.

And that’s not freedom. It’s just tyranny disguised as moral conformity. Because sooner or later, all that government power gets turned against YOU.

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