Why are Gas prices high?

Everyone is complaining about high gas prices, but what is the real cause of the rise?  I am not 100% sure but I can name several factors that I believe are related to it.

-Endless money printing by the FED is bound to devalue the dollar, and elevate real assets (gas) against it.  This is probably the number 1 cause.
-Talk of war with Iran, civil war in Lybia, and unrest in other areas is probably affecting production, thus reducing supply.
-Speculators affected the price of gas the last time it shot up, and I would not be too surprised if they are also playing a role this time around.
-Peak Oil may be involved.  With less oil available prices go up.


One Response to Why are Gas prices high?

  1. Uncle Andy says:

    You’re exactly correct on why gas prices are so high. But these social/political/economic explanations are too much for the average rabble to comprehend. It is far easier to chalk gas prices up to boogeymen, like the greedy oil companies.

    I don’t know why people cannot comprehend that dollars become worth less when one prints them without ceasing. Since the dollars are worth less, it takes more of them to purchase things, like oil and gasoline.

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