Where is the Real Tea Party

Don Harrold makes some great points in the video below.  The fact is that the real Tea Party is a threat to the status quo.  Therefore, the Republican party has been trying to co opt the energy of the Tea Party without having to carry out its reform message.  We hear periodically about supposed leaders of the Tea Party, who are just establishment figures pretending to lead the Tea Party.  Pseudo Tea Party organizations are set up to try and take over the Tea Party movement and turn it into a neutered organization, which does not threaten politics as usual.  These organizations use faux-reform labels to pretend that they want to clean up the system.

In the video Don Harrold talks about how one such organization is now supporting Romney, so as to defeat Obama, under the rubric of being practical.  But what is the point of being practical and supporting a sell-out like Romney, only to elect a man who only represents more of the same business as usual politics in Washington?  If we are only going to get a Republican version of Obama, what is the point?.


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