The Slave Trade

One of the common themes in politically correct America is the idea-hammered home constantly- that whites are singularly guilty of a variety of racial and ethnic crimes, the biggest of which is the slave trade.

These videos will talk about how lots of other groups (African tribes, Muslims and Jews were involved in the slave trade long before and long after Europeans became involved.

The following video describes the little known heavy involvement of Jews in the African slave trade.  Whites are continually discriminated against due to the guilt of slavery, while Jews get off relatively scott free.  In fact if whites have to pay reparations decade after decade, should Jews also not have to pay.  I don´t believe that groups should be discriminated against, but if we follow the racial guilt logic put forth by the dominant PC crowd, then Jews should get an extra large dose of Affirmative Action against them.

The following is a video by David Duke who is notorious.  Still his facts seem to be fairly reliable.  If anyone has a counter opinion based on facts, he is welcome to share it with me.  If only half of what he is saying is true it is something to think about.

I do not know this guy but he gives a nice bigger picture to the slave trade.  Muslims moved more slaves and for a much longer time than Europeans did.

In the below video I happen to find myself agreeing with almost all of his points.  The one I take exception to is his desire for trade protectionism, which I believe tends to lead to trade wars.  Still, on the other points that man makes a lot of sense and sounds a bit like Ron Paul.


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