Politically Correctness and the Issue of Race

The establishment has been trying to peddle a version of race which does not conform to reality.  They try to tell us that the races have no physical basis in reality.  They say that “equal opportunity” is defined by racial preferences.  We are told that we are not supposed to recognize obvious racial differences and that common sense is banned.  We are told that a 73 year old white grandma is just as likely to commit a terrorist act as a young Muslim radical.  We are denounced for taking reasonable precautions when in poor black or Hispanic neighborhoods.

The establishment is determined to shove thru its own Marxist view that all people are equal-not just equal before the law-but 100% equal in all respects.  When reality does not conform to this noble sounding theory, we must distort our thinking to deny reality and drink the PC kool aid.  There is an entire industry designed to keep people in line and conforming to the official PC mantras.  But, just like the Catholic church in the middle ages, no matter what they say or how many people they bully into acquiesce, the sun still does not revolve around the Earth.  Reality is what it is whether we like it that way or not.

Below is a video detailing politically incorrect statistics on race.  This is the stuff that drives the PC crowd crazy, but the stats are real.  For the last few years the establishment has been ruthlessly trying to suppress such information. The video is long and a bit boring, but has a ton of information.  Even if what is said is disturbing, we should not censor news that we happen to dislike.

Below are some wise comments on the issue of race.  The establishment has been twisting the issue trying to pretend that races don´t exist except in our mind.  Reality points otherwise.

Below is a valid critique of racial identification.

The video below talks about 10 fallacies of race denial.

The video below makes an interesting parallel between Jews in WWII and whites in Zimbabwe.  Both were deionized by ambitious politicians who wanted to foment envy and resentment against a small and wealthy minority.


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