Drunk Driving

This video raises some interesting questions.  First of all driving drunk is dangerous, but so are a lot of other activities which are not so demonized.  I have always been uncomfortable with the Mothers Against Drunk Driving hysteria which began in the 1980s.  Hysterias are not a good way to create sensible policies.  But, are a great way to create abuses.  Just look at the “Great Terror” during the French revolution among many many examples.

With the growth of the police state, cracking down on drunk driving often appears to be just another justification for the authorities to violate our civil liberties.  The war on drugs is also ostensibly to make society good, but in actuality I believe that it creates more problems than it solves due to its non sensible application.

I think that drunk driving should be illegal, but maybe we should think twice about putting up road blocks.  Maybe we should also put more emphasis on bad driving than on the technicalities of being over the limit, especially when levels are not high.

Its my view.  I am sure that many people disagree, but the way that the fascist state is growing we should not be giving them more reasons to violate our civil liberties.


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