Ron Paul

We have heard a lot about Ron Paul, but mostly from an ideological perspective, whether libertarianism is better or not, or whether we should bomb Iran.  While these points are valid I feel that a lot of people are missing the most important point of all, which is Ron Paul´s integrity.  All candidates are smart, but what we completely miss in our leaders is integrity.  They habitually sell out their principles-and the nation-to get money and support from special interests so as to win elections.  That is why we cannot get a government that works.  No leader can fix a system when the special interests are routinely put before the general interests.

So, it is less about ideology than it is about competence.  Ron Paul is the only person who is decent and will fight for what he believes in, which means that Ron Paul is the only person who has a chance of making things better.  The rest are sell outs.  So I would like to see less debate on Ron Paul´s ideological positions and more emphasis on his innate integrity and decency.  People can rally around good governance more than on libertarian positions.

Another factor to keep in mind is that even if Ron Paul wins he will not become the dictator of the US.  He will have to contend with a hostile Congress, judiciary, and especially a media determined to undermine him.  Ron Paul will be lucky to complete half of what he promises due to so much opposition.  I think that his efforts to reduce big government and spending, protect our civil liberties and rights and temper foreign adventurism will be salutary, even if he only is able to do half of what he wants.

On another note there is increasing evidence that the Republican party is tampering with the primaries to prevent a certain candidate from winning.  Certainly the Republican party and the establishment is determined to prevent him from gaining office, because he is a threat to vested interests.  I kept wondering why Republican voters have not votes more for Ron Paul.  Well, maybe they have, but the vote has been “managed”.  Where is our democracy?

Fantastic speech by Judge Nepolotano.  Must watch.

Funny business in Maine.

More general voting schennanigans



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