Obama´s Broken Promises

With the next presidential election coming up it is time to reflect on the record of the current candidates, one of whom is our president Obama.  During the last presidential election Obama was able to seduce much of the electorate.  He practically turned into a messianic figure to the point where even Obama joked about not actually being born in a manger.  People were hypnotized by his message of “hope and change”.

In that spirit lets look back on some of the promises that Obama made the last time around.  Promises that he has repeatedly broken.  In watching Obama´s speeches two things become clear.  First that he is a pathological liar, like most politicians.  And second that the man has a good understanding of what ails America: corruption, influence peddling, secret deals, wasteful spending, and abusive unaccountable government trampling our civil rights.  Watching his campaign speeches it is possible to be convinced by the man.  He speaks with incredible conviction, and details  what is wrong and how he plans to confront these problems.  He clearly shows that he understands these problems and would work decisively to fix them.  Instead, under his administration we have had business as usual.  Much of his administration appears to be a seamless extension of the Bush years, especially in terms of corruption, spending, and shredding our civil rights.

What all this shows me is that Obama understands what needs to be done, but decides not to do it, because he would rather play the dirty game of politics to get ahead.  To me Obama can no longer even plead naivete or ignorance for his errors.

I wonder how the Comedienne Sarah Silverman feels now after she sent out a public plea for Jewish people to emotionally blackmail their parents by threatening to withhold their grandchildren from them if the parents did not vote for Obama.  She must have been drunk on the self righteous Obama Kool Aid, because such an action is despicable.  People have a right to try and argue that another person should vote for so and so, but people have a democratic right to vote for the person that they want, and no one-including Sarah Silverman- has a right to blackmail people into voting for a certain candidate.  But that is what Obama mania did to people.  It made them lose all sensible perspective and go crazy.

Obama is just one more piece of evidence that American presidents do not lack in smarts.  What they lack is integrity to do the right thing, instead of selling their souls to the highest bidder.  Even Bush II was not stupid.  Yes, he was not super smart, and he was intellectually incurious and unserious, but he was not an idiot as much of the left liked to call him.  Like Obama, Bush knew what needed to be done and chose to sell the nation out for personal gain.  Gingrich is wicket smart, but I would not want him as president, because he is a complete political operator.  What we lack in our leaders is not smarts, or an understanding of the problem, but sufficient ethics that they will do what is best for the country and not just their own personal political career.

To me Obama has failed the leadership test.  He is just anther corrupt politician who happens to be especially charming.  He uses his charm shamelessly to seduce voters and then betray them when he gets what he wants.

The only candidate for the president that I know of who has any real integrity, and who has a chance to help clean up the system is Ron Paul.  Obama is just a fallen idol.

Here is Obama with 7 lies in 2 minutes

Obama´s lies part two below.

Obama lies about his health care plan

For the mega list watch below

Finally Obama´s betrayal on GM labeling.


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