Cruelty in the Down Industry

Sad commentary on practices in the down industry

Dear Kirk,

In the coldhearted down industry, birds are often live-plucked so that their feathers can be used for clothing, pillows, and comforters. Shocking video footage taken during investigations of down farms shows that workers pluck birds’ feathers so violently that the animals’ skin tears, leaving them with gaping wounds that are sewn back together without any anesthetics—some birds even die as a result of the procedure.

We need your help RIGHT NOW to help stop the pain and suffering that birds are forced to endure for their feathers. Take a look at this exposé of the cruel down industry and then sign the pledge to go down-free.

Remember: The best thing that you can do for birds exploited by the cruel down industry is to refuse to buy down products and to purchase clothing and bedding made from cruelty-free materials instead.


Lindsay Rajt
Associate Director of Campaigns
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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