Ron Paul sums it up well

Ron Paul makes a lot of good points.  First that Santorum is far from being an ideal conservative candidate, and how all the other Republican candidates represent more of the same with little real change in sight.

But more importantly he mentions how this whole birth control debate is silly and distracting.  Of course the media and our political class love it, because it involves sex, which Americans find endlessly fascinating, and it is a distracting and divisive issue.  Much better to have people on the left and right exhausting themselves in a never ending battle over cultural issues, while allowing the elite to go about their business of robbing the country undisturbed.  Divide and conquer.  Get the people worked up about birth control (or gay marriage, or abortion) and they will not have mental energy left over to worry about corruption.

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In examining the Republican race, voters have shifted from one “savior” candidate to another (Bauchman, Caine, Gingrich, Santorum…) only to discard him once reality sets in.  They rightly are not enthused about Romney, because he represents more of the same.  The odd thing is that the perfect conservative candidate has been staring them in the face since 2008, and yet Ron Paul is not the front runner.  Ron Paul is what people are looking for, and yet he is largely ignored.  I know that the media has done its best to marginalize him, but people need to wake up and not just get their thinking points from what is spoon fed them by the corrupt mainstream media.

As for me I am voting for Ron Paul, and if he is not the Rep. nomination, then I am voting for a third party candidate.  No way and I going to support Obama, and Romney offers little better.  If i had to force rank between the two, I would choose Romney simply because there is the slim chance that he may do things OK.  Obama has already shown me his corruption and incompetence.  However, I have a choice and it is Ron Paul or a third candidate for me.  I recommend that you think about doing likewise.  My 2 cents.


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