Exponential Growth

Compared to the staid and corrupt mainstream media, RT certainly is a fresh and independent voice.  They may be bad on reporting on Putin, but when reporting on America they don´t hesitate to pull the rock back and expose all the worms.  And forget about to be upbeat and politically correct.  RT goes straight to the heart of the matter with a relish unknown among the traditional network news, exposing all.

This video about exponential growth is something that everyone should see.  The politically correct view pushed by the status quo is that growth (population, economic, energy, monetary, etc.) are all good and natural.  What RT is saying is that there are hard limits on these, and that if we don´t control ourselves disaster is on the horizon.


One Response to Exponential Growth

  1. wartica says:

    I can’t agree more; RT is also great because they report about the flaws in the monetary system and show solutions.

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