How the Media Spins its Message to Promote the Power Structure´s Agenda

This video by Don Harrold is really worth listening to.  He makes so many great comments.  Basically he dissects a typical example of how the mainstream media, tries to marginalize movements and figures that threaten the status quo-in this case the Tea Party and Ron Paul.   He shows how lies and mis-truths are propagated by the media which channel the voting populace into the false dichotomy of having to choose either Obama or Romney and to forget about alternative parties or Ron Paul.  The rest of the commentary shows how the media constantly distorts the Tea Party, which is a real threat to the establishment, which in turn is trying to coop and marginalize the movement at very turn.  The left is absolutely frothing at the mouth in rabid rage, and the Republican establishment is trying to coop it as much as possible, while attempting to falsely speak in their name.


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