Now for Some SOPA humor

I found this Hitler parody to be quite funny, but beyond the comedy there are many very relevant points, the main one being that legislation like SOPA and PIPA is simply a way that the old guard can avoid having to actually compete.  Traditional media hates the internet which removes their pre-internet ability to rig and cartelize a captive market.  Now they have to actually compete, they are losing, and they hate it.  The solution for the old media is simply to turn the internet into something that they can monopolize and “manage” so as to shut out the competition.  Just bribe enough politicians and things like SOPA pop up.

I think that we should all congratulate ourselves for having SOPA and PIPA shut down.  It has been thru our activism that we have been able to say “NO”!  Still, we must continue to be vigilant and active because the dark side will work tirelessly to censor the internet.  It is time for some real democracy in action.


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