Corruption and Distortion of our Police Forces

This video below is very interesting.  I basically shows how police departments are incentivized to go after cannabis, while placing less priority on real crime.  It is true.  I once saw an episode of COPS where the vast majority of the time was spent running around making drug arrests for non violent crimes.  The police, which are expensive and supposedly are stretched for resources, care more about non violent drug arrests than combating real violent crime.


One Response to Corruption and Distortion of our Police Forces

  1. megadama says:

    Patriots, how much proof do you need that Israel was behind 9/11? The evidence in this article effectively convicts the “jews” of the worst crime ever committed against America. And they know we’re onto them, that’s why they just had their buttboys in Congress and the Whitehouse ram through the Detainee Security Act – so they can start silencing people like us who are spreading the truth. Stop fooling yourselves, if “jews” are ruthless enough to blow up the WTC to get us to go to war for them, they’ll be ruthless enough to start making their critics disappear. They did all this when they controlled The Soviet Union.

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