Petition to stop the Stop Online Piracy Act

One of the problems with living under a government that is for sale to the higher bidder is that we get things like the “Stop Online Piracy Act” which wants to censor and criminalize the internet.  Unfortunately the corrupt mainstream media appears to be ignoring this very important threat to out civil liberties (I wonder why?), but I will no do so.  Please get informed about this monstrous piece of legislation sponsored by Lamar Smith of Texas, and remember to vote him out of office if you live in his district.

Aside from getting the word out you can sign the petition below.

Thanks.  We cannot be passive if we want to defend the internet freedom which we know and love.

More details can be found here:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a great site which details all of the ways that big brother is trying to destroy privacy and freedom and what you can do about it.  Please sign the petitions and letters of protest on their site below.


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