Overpopulation and corruption

When I think about the two main sources for our problem they tend to come down to two: overpopulation and campaign finance problems.  We have allowed population growth to the point that it is completely unsustainable.  Global warming, environmental stress, peak oil, the energy crisis, food, land and water shortages, pollution, over prices housing, congestion, stressed infrastructure, habitat destruction, trash, etc. etc.  It all comes down to too many people crowding and stressing the planet for a limited and increasingly insufficient amount of resources necessary to maintain us.  In the future I forsee nasy genocidial wars when mother nature in her harsh way will deal with the overpopulation problem that we refuse to confront.  Even before we get to that point, simply having too many people naturally leads to a reduced quality of life due to crowding and not enough to go around.  Our entire system is based upon plentiful oil.  When that goes, and we cannot find a good alternative we will be in deep trouble.  Food, transportation and economic production are all completely dependant on fossil fuels.  We can barely maintain what we have.  What happens when oil starts to run out and food production and transportation start to seriously decline?

Of course the politcially correct elites do not want to talk about this because it might seem racist or offend exquisitely senitive cultural or religious feelings.  We we prefer to do nothing, and let the problem grow.

For a good analysis of the the problem go here: http://www.paulchefurka.ca/Population.html


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