What if? Time to dream and make it a reality.

Great video by Judge Neopolitano.  What if?  Something to think about.

Here is more from Mush Shedlock, which basically says that all of the candidates (except Ron Paul) are corrut, bought off, and close to interchangable.  In other words either we elect Ron Paul or it is more of the same with corruption, abuse of power and weakened civil rights.  I did not vote for either McCaine or Obama the last election (I chose a third party candidate) and unless Ron Paul get it this time, I will continue to vote for a third party candidate.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are Nearly One and the Same

Interesting, Judge Napolitano makes the same suggestion that I have made several times: President Obama and Mitt Romney are Nearly One and the Same!

Except on fringe issues there is no practical difference between Obama and Mitt Romney. The health care act Obama crammed down everyone’s throat was based on ideas Romney put in place as governor.

Moreover, there is little difference between George Bush and President Obama on wars, on trade, on sanctions, on tariffs, on bailouts, on banks, on drugs, on education, on jobs, and on spending.There is a difference on abortion (a fringe issue), and on public unions.

Except for an exceptionally hard stance on abortion, there is even less difference between Rick Santorum and President Obama as noted by the Cato Institute in Santorum’s Big-Government Conservatism.

There is no doubt that Santorum is deeply conservative on social issues. He is ardently anti-abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, and no one takes a stronger stand against gay rights. In fact, with his comparison of gay sex to “man on dog” relationships, Santorum seldom even makes a pretense of tolerance. While that sort of rhetoric may play well in Iowa pulpits, it will be far less well received elsewhere in the nation.

Santorum’s voting record shows that he embraced George Bush–style “big-government conservatism.” For example, he supported the Medicare prescription-drug benefit and No Child Left Behind.

He never met an earmark that he didn’t like. In fact, it wasn’t just earmarks for his own state that he favored, which might be forgiven as pure electoral pragmatism, but earmarks for everyone, including the notorious “Bridge to Nowhere.” The quintessential Washington insider, he worked closely with Tom DeLay to set up the “K Street Project,” linking lobbyists with the GOP leadership.

He voted against NAFTA and has long opposed free trade. He backed higher tariffs on everything from steel to honey. He still supports an industrial policy with the government tilting the playing field toward manufacturing industries and picking winners and losers.

In fact, Santorum might be viewed as the mirror image of Ron Paul. If Ron Paul’s campaign has been based on the concept of simply having government leave us alone, Santorum rejects that entire concept. True liberty, he writes, is not “the freedom to be left alone,” but “the freedom to attend to one’s duties to God, to family, and to neighbors.” And he seems fully prepared to use the power of government to support his interpretation of those duties.Fake Conservatives

Ron Paul is the true constitutional conservative. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum are fakes. I will not vote for Mitt Romney if nominated, nor Rick Santorum.. Nor will I vote for Newt Gingrich. What did Gingrich accomplish as Speaker of the House?

I would vote for Ron Paul or Jon Huntsman if nominated. Otherwise, if Republicans keep nominating fake conservatives and war-mongers that pay lip service to small government, I will keep writing in Ron Paul as I did in the last two presidential elections.

Some may say writing in Ron Paul will only serve to reelect President Obama. I say so what?

In spite of all the talk (and a few differences on social issues), there is no practical difference on major economic matters, foreign policy, war-mongering, or big government between the Republican candidates (except Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman), and President Obama.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Have you noticed how the mainstream media is preordaining how Ron Paul presumably is unacceptable and unelected?  They don´t want that guy in the White House mucking things up and fixing them.  Instead better to have a corrrupt leader who can play ball with the power establishment.  Unfortunately it seems that the majority of sheeple are going along with the script.

For those who think that Romney is the answer watch this video.


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