European Politics in Crisis

In the latest sago of the European Union crisis, it seems to me that Britain was quite right in resisting calls from the European Union to pony up yet more billions to help their European rescue funds. The fact is that Britain never joined the euro.  In the latest agreement France and Germany got together and came up with a plan, without ever consulting with Britain.  Despite the fact that they did not include anyone else in the decision-making process, they expect everyone else to go along with the plan without any complaints. Britain made reasonable requests for changes to the plan, France and Germany refused, and Britain was left out of the cold.  There was spiteful talk of leaving Britain out of EU decisions.  Now France and Germany expect yet more money from Britain despite the fact that they have gone out of their way to be vindictive, and Britain is not even a euro member.  Rightfully Britain told them to go stick it.  Maybe the EU should not have been to petty after all.


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