Playing the cultural values card

Rick Perry has unfortunately come out with a new political campaign advertisements, which has garnered a lot of criticism, and deservedly so.

During the Bush years the classic strategy of Bush and company in the Republican Party was to whip up the culturally conservative religious base by constantly pushing the gay/abortion/stem cell button. Not only did the horror of gay marriage helped to solidify the party’s base, but also conveniently provided a distraction that largely prevented that base from focusing on the real issue, which was massive corruption within the Bush administration. Another words the whole issue of gay marriage (and such) was a way to keep people distracted by the right hand, while the left hand could go about freely looting.

I believe that this strategy by the Bush administration and the Republican Party was consciously planned out as a way to whip up and distract the base. I think that the Republican leadership knew that the Defense of marriage amendment would probably never pass, but it was useful to keep the cultural conservatives in line. In fact, a real Evangelical went to work for the Bush administration, and was appalled by the generally dismissive and patronizing view of evangelicals among the administration staff.

Still, for a long time the cultural issues hot button worked quite well, until the corruption and abuse of power became so blatant and obvious that by the end most Republicans had to grudgingly admits that the Bush administration had been a massive failure.

Now hopefully Republicans are older and wiser. Still, Perry´s campaign advertisement eluding to the horrors of gays running a mock worries me that Republicans might be getting back into their old tricks. I certainly hope that this does not work, and that people focus on the real issues which are corruption and abuse of power. Of course now with the economy in the toilet and most people suffering, suddenly the issue of gays in the military doesn’t seem quite as pressing as finding a job and paying the mortgage.

On a side note, the whole defense of marriage amendment issue was a pointless circus. I am actually someone who has a certain degree of sympathy for reserving marriage for heterosexuals. But, I really do not feel strongly either way, and it is very very far from being something that would keep me up at night. For me it is such a trivial issue, that I’ve barely think about it.

The fact is for many years now Spain has allowed marriage for homosexuals, and I have not noticed any difference in society. In fact, I would not even have known about it, if I had not read about the change in the law in the media. Allowing gays to marry has done nothing to change anything that I know of around me.

The reality is that if Republicans are so completely concerned about preserving traditional marriage, they need to make divorce illegal, they need to have a total war on feminism, and they would need to completely change our entire modern pop culture, with its emphasis on immediate self gratification. The reality is that the Republicans are not about to do this, because it would engender show much massive opposition, so it is easier to scapegoat gay marriage, and put the blame on that.


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