The TSA and the Police State

One of the things that most bothers me about the abuse of the TSA appears to be the almost complete silence and passivity in the country about it. If I do a search for videos about the TSA, I cannot find anything critical from the mainstream news. There appears to be almost a complete blackout on negative reporting of scandals involving the TSA. Neither do I find our political leaders bringing it up. Our feminist organizations are also mysteriously silent on the issue. Of course there are a lot of people complaining, but they’re doing so on the Internet. Our establishment organizations want to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist, and this is what scares me.

What if we woke up tomorrow and found out that an insider group was trying to take over the country, and turn us into a dictatorship, would anyone do anything? Seems that we have become an entirely neutered and passive nation. Our institutions become so corrupt that they cannot face evil, and the populace so distracted, busy and tired but they can either. We seem to have fallen a lot from the origins of our nation, and we dare to successfully defy the greatest empire of the time, and when. Now we just shrug our shoulders when faced with tyranny.

I say this because there is a small chance that we may be faced with some kind of military takeover in the next few years. It appears that Obama wants is a sign a law that would essentially give the military carte blanche to impose martial law on the nation. Once they have the power who’s to say that they will not use it? In fact if one wants to be extra conspiratorial one could assume that the TSA is one way to test how the American people, society and institutions react to the imposition of a mini police state in our airports. So far we have passed all the tests of passive submission with flying colors. Green light to go to the next stage of tyranny.

It certainly seems to me that it should not be considered normal that government employees should have the right to fondle and stripped-down anyone they choose as a matter of routine, without even needing to show probable cause, and all with an almost complete unaccountability. People go to jail for this kind of behavior. In fact I heard a case on the news were one woman who is being felt up by the TSA, decided to reach out and squeeze the TSA agents breast. The woman will apparently be accused of felony assault for doing so. So, apparently if we touch the TSA it is a felony assault, but if they touch us or strippers naked, that is his business as usual, and they cannot be held accountable.

The fact that the population is not up in arms, and that our institutions also seem to think that it’s fine is what worries me. What is the next step? What if you find a terrorist who put a bomb up his butt? Is every passenger now going to have a colonoscopy.

The mentality seems to be that as long as something can be justified in the name of “security” then it is okay. While genuine security is a laudable goal, giving up basic freedoms, due process, civil rights, civil liberties and our basic dignity is definitely not. We need to have a cost benefit analysis every time we implement security to determine whether the price we pay for security is really worth it or not. For me it’s clear that institutions like the TSA impose far more costs upon the nation, than any presumed benefit they provide by adding extra “security”.

What we have now with their airports is that the terrorists have already won. Someone jokingly said that our strategy is to remove our freedoms, so the terrorists will no longer attack as because you won’t have any more freedoms.

As far as I know Ron Paul is the only candidate who has promised to reform the system. In fact Ron Paul has promised to abolish the TSA, which I think would be wonderful. Just another reason to vote for Ron Paul.



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