What We Can Agree On

The reform movement of the tea party has been met with vociferous and hostile opposition, mainly from those on the left. Then there is the occupy movement, which many on the right do not like.

The reality is that both of these movements are essentially grass-roots and motivated by the realization that our system is corrupt and broken, and that we need to fix it. So, in actuality, I think that they share more in common than they are different.

I have a strong suspicion that the powers that be love to egg on the media and commentators to constantly motivate one side to criticize the other. Divide and conquer. If they can just keep the tea party and the occupied movement at each other’s throats long enough and intensely enough, they can drive real grassroots reform movements into exhaustion, and check each others progress.

In reality I think that the tea party and the occupied movements share more in common, then the media and commentators would like to admit. At the very least I would like to see less hatred going on, and a cooperation between them. The reality is that they should be able to join forces and work together on so many of the issues that they agree on. That does not mean that they have to agree on everything, but since they agree on a lot, why don’t we all work from there? The reality is that most people driving these movements just want the government that works for the people’s in the country’s interests. I do not think that the average tea party or occupation member is necessarily highly ideological. But, he is impassioned and trying to clean up the system.

Why can’t we agree on something as simple as restoring Glass Steigel, which no one seems to oppose? Or, why do we not all agree to try to simply reduce lobbyists influence in Washington?

As long as grass-roots reforms movements spend all their time fighting each other, and focusing on the differences, it’s going to be difficult to get much done in terms of genuine reform: which is exactly what the powers that be want. They are afraid of the common people, and love nothing better than to see them tied up in pointless sectarian struggles.

I really hope that the tea party and they occupy movements can come together to work on common goals of reform.


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