Should We Really be Worrying so much about Smarts?

A lot of people place emphasis on the intelligence of candidates.  Gingrich is certainly a smart person and a natural policy wonk.  He is also highly corrupt.  Our leaders do so badly not because they are stupid, but because they are corrupt.  They know what they need to do, but refuse to do so, because they have been bought off.  Obama is plenty smart and knows what he needs to do, but refuses because he has to please his pay masters.  Every once in a while he tries to engage in some kind of symbolic mock reform or soothing words, but really this is more about trying to appear that he cares and is doing reform, than actually doing real reform.  Even Bush, who is not genius, is not stupid and knew what needed to be done, but did not do it.

Both Bush and Obama ran very well-managed and effective campaigns, and then once in office it is a disaster.  This is not a coincidence.  Their innate leadership abilities did not cease once they were elected president, but their desire to lead well did, because they had to compensate and favor the special interests who bankrolled their campaign, thus effectively neutralizing any effective reform efforts.

We do not need Gingrich.  He is smart and corrupt just like Obama, and look where that has gotten us.  If we want real change we will have to elect Ron Paul.  He is the only candidate who I know who has any real integrity, and the only hope we have of beginning to fix our broken corrupt system.  The rest represent more of the same.


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