Ratings Inflation

Is it just me or is there some kind of customer ratings inflation going on.  I see it all the time in Amazon where most products get a 4-5 star review, as if 4 stars means fine, and 5 stars means good.  Since most products are decent, that means that differentaiting between a decent and excellent product is just 1 star (4-5 star).  I believe that aN OK product should get 3 stars, (quite) good 4 stars, and excellent 5 stars.

I just bought a Swiss Gear backpack rated 4.5 stars, and I would give it a 3 star for average, where it belongs.  I think that people are overly impressed and need to be a bit more discriminating.

What do you think?  Do you believe that there is ratings inflation?  Or that the customer ratings are just about right on the scale?


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