Obama on Immigration

Obama is trying to have it both ways and triangulate on immigration.  On one hand his instincts, and that of the left, is to facilitate the browing of America and turn whites into a minority so they can finally get their comeuppance.  In addition there are huge business interests which have become addicted to cheap exploitable immigrant labor outside of normal legal employee protections, and these business interests have worked tirelessly to keep immigration high  On the other hand, Obama knows that most Americans are worried about the issue and think that the system is out of control.  Thus Obama mixes his speeches with heart warming stories of immigrants struggling so hard to live the American dream, and also talk about serious enforcement.

The whole deal with comprehensive immigration reform is supposed to be that we give an amnesty to those already here, but then get tough with the new arrivals, and get a handle on the situation.  I don´t belive it.  We have heard this story before with the last amnesty which was supposed to be the amnesty to end all amnesties, but only provided an incentive for more people to come illegally and wait for the next amnesty, which Obama and friends desperately want.  First of all I am not at all convinced that the requirements for the amnesty will even be met: no criminal record, knowing English, etc.  I can see illegal immigrants being rubber stamped thru with little serious screening, and the tough requirements being made a mockery of.  It is not the first time the government has not followed thru on its own rules, either thru laziness, incompetence or politics.  Furthermore, Obama has given the impression that he has sealed the border and is taking effective action to crack down on illegal hiring.  According to NumbersUSA this is not true and his record is weak in this respect and they give him an -F.


I strongly suspect that if something like the Dream Act goes thru we will have a massive amnesty with weak screening of applicants, and a year later the illegal immigrant situation will be as out of control as ever, and even more people will want to come, waiting for the inevitable next amnesty.

Obama is right about one thing.  We do need to have an immigrant system that favors the best and brightest and discourages the problem immigrants.  Our current system does not normally do that and this needs to change.  Obama correctly points out to the high number of immigrants working in start ups in California.  I totally agree and we need these people, but how many Mexicans and Hatians are doing start ups in Silicon Valley?  They are all Indians, Chinese, a few Middle Easterners and Europeans.  It is very clear who are the succeeding immigrants and who are the problem immigrants.  We need a system that favors the former and keeps the later out.


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