Peter Schiff

This is another great video by Peter Schiff.  First he points out how government funds to make higher education cheaper have actually made it more expensive by allowing Universities to balloon costs funded by easy government loans.

Th second point is even more interesting.  Apparently Obama wants to have quotas to hire disabled people.  As much as I want to help the disabled, forcing companies to hire the less than fully qualified is the last thing that the weak economy needs right now.  This is similar to Obama´s sexual discrimination lawsuit, which is bad for the economy but good for the lawyers.  We need programs to help the disabled to integrate into the workforce, but forcing enterprises to hire people that they do not want to is not smart.  The final question about all of this is that the definition of disabled is often so broad that how can be distinguish between a legitimately disabled person and one who simply doesn´t have it together.  In the end I suppose that stupid, lazy and irresponsible people are also disabled but then should be guarantee them employment?  Dealing with those in society who were not dealt a good hand is hard and tricky.  We want to help the weaker members without instilling incompetence.


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