Our Best Arab Ally

When I read this I don´t know whether to laugh or cry.  This is one of our most important “allies” in the Arab world and a major source of our oil, which also happens to be a society that beheads people for “sorcery”.  This truely shows you how they are living in the middle ages.

Tell Saudi Arabia Not to Behead People For Sorcery

Tell Saudi Arabia Not to Behead People For Sorcery

Amina Bint Abdulhalim Nassar, a Saudi Arabian woman, was beheaded on Monday after being found guilty for sorcery. The chief of the religious police, Abdullah al-Mohsen, claimed that Amina’s natural remedies were plans to trick people into thinking she could heal their illnesses.Others have been executed for the same crime, including a Sudanese man named Abdul Hamid bin Hussain bin Moustafa al-Fakki who was killed in September. So far this year, Saudi Arabia has carried out 76 executions.

Although sorcery is not even in the Saudi Arabian law, this charge is generally used against people whom the government finds threatening.

Saudi Arabia’s government regularly executes its accused after subjecting them to unfair trials. The defendant often has no representation. Sometimes, he or she is not even given an interpreter if the trial is conducted in a different language.

Tell the Saudi Arabian government that sorcery is not a crime punishable by death, and that everyone deserves to have their rights protected.


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