How to deal with illegal immigrants

Numbers USA has pointed out that there are more options to deal with illegal immigrants than just mass deportation or amnesty.  If we take away the jobs magnet, a lot will just go home.

Why won’t media allow Romney the third option on illegal population?

By Roy Beck, NumbersUSA – 12/13/11 12:45 PM ET

Much of the mainstream media seem stuck in the old paradigm that there are only two major options of what to do with the officially estimated 11 million foreign citizens living illegally in this country — either deport them or legalize them.

Nowhere is this false dichotomy more apparent than in the media treatment of Mitt Romney’s immigration stance.  Even though no candidate has talked more about the details of dealing with the 11 million, the common journalistic description is that Romney tells us what he opposes (amnesty) for them but not what he proposes to do with them.


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