Even Chomsky Agrees that Obama is Corrupt

When even Chomsky states that Obama is little more than a stooge of Wall Street, leftists must check their enthusiasm for Obama.  Since the standard line from the left is that anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist, then Chomsky must be a good old fashioned racist who can´t stand the fact that a black man is in the white house.  Seriously Chomsky lays out how Obama got elected by a slick intentionally manipulative marketing camgaign (deliberately empty when it came to details, but high on emotional content) backed by the financial industry, which is now getting paid back for their assistance to Obama.

My reaction during the 2008 election was that Obama´s “Change and Hope” rhetoric was completly empty.  I wanted concrete details about how he wanted to confront problems, and instead we were all given empty platitudes that unfortuneately drove most of the electorate wild, and into a frenzy.


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