Time to Get Rid of the Double Standard

It is time that our leaders start to live by the same standards that they impose on us on a daily basis.  Interesting article on Care2.

Is It Time To Start Drug Testing Politicians?

13 comments Is It Time To Start Drug Testing Politicians?

The latest craze in Republican run legislatures is a push to force any person receiving government aid to do a mandatory drug screening before he or she can receive benefits.  Despite the fact that the condition has been declared a violation of the fourth amendment and therefore unconstitutional, even more states seem to be contemplating issuing their own law anyway.

So, if lawmakers are going to continue to pass unconstitutional laws for little reason other than forcing a group of people who have no other choice to submit to drug testing to get government funds, why not expand the people who have to subject themselves to it.

Yes, lawmakers, it’s time for you all to pee in a cup.

It seems only fair.  After all, if it’s necessary to ensure that government dollars aren’t being spent on drugs, shouldn’t we hold the taxpayer funds used to pay political salaries up to the same scrutiny? So says Rep. Scott Holcomb,  a Democratic lawmaker in Atlanta, Georgia.  Holcomb states simply, “if required for the poor, we [lawmakers] need to do it, too.”

So how likely is a lawmaker to be willing to stand that sort of indignity?  Pretty unlikely, if Florida Governor Rick Scott is any indication.  While holding a press conference, he was asked by a Daily Show reporter to please submit to a drug test of his own, while a plastic cup was passed through the press gaggle, and up to the front of the room.  Scott declined, despite the fact that the reporter said everyone would be willing to turn around to provide him with some privacy.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/is-it-time-to-start-drug-testing-politicians.html#ixzz1g3LywWfG


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