Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is the latest flavor of the month in the Republican race.  Candidates have come and go (Bauchmann, Romney, Cain, and now Gingrich) as the electorate thrashes around jumping from one “hope” to another, and then just as quickly discarding the latest “savior” once reality sinks in.  For the moment Gingrich is the latest fad, and I think that he will not last long.  Yes he is a smart guy and a good talker, but he has tremendous baggage, and a discraceful record of selling himself out to the highest bidder.  Once the voters realize that Gingrich is just anther corrupt political insider they will grow disillusioned.  After Bush, Obama and the Congress, the people have realized that the country desperately needs a real reformer, who will take on the special interests and vested interests.  They are not getting that with Gingrich.

In the end Ron Paul may be the only cadidate left standing.  At least one can dream.


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