TV Propaganda masquerading as a serious investigative report


The following is a video series pretending to be a truthful investigation of the real nutrition value of potatoes, when in reality it is a promotional piece (undoubtedly paid for by the potato industry). It is a kind of infomercial pretending to objective to get people to buy more potatoes.


There are a few decent facts, but mostly it is full of misleading information or deliberate omissions. For instance, they say that potatoes are satisfying hunger, but forget to mention that they are also extremely high on the glycemic index. They mention the danger of akrylomides in frying, but then have a few self selected experts dismiss such concerns, and mention that levels of these dangerous chemicals are below the government limits-as if that means anything. Government standards are almost always too lenient and conservative, and should not be trusted. Furthermore, the program seem to be promoting friend potatoes more than boil ones (and prepackaged at that), when the boiled potatoes are much healthier.


Finally there is the usual obsession with fat-especially saturated fat, which is especially demonized In this program. I think that this show must be stuck in the 1970s with this mentality. The reality is that fats-including saturated fats are are necessary part of our diet. The problem comes not from fat per se, but from low quality fats from refined vegetable oils, and sick animals. And guess what type of fat this program promotes? Canola oil, because supposedly it is so much healthier than cow tallow, when in reality Canola oil is something to avoid, and even more so from the type of deep fat fryer that the program promotes.


In sum, remember that this program is created to promote potato usage, preferably in the most appealling way possible-deep fried. Beware of such programs. They superficially look scientific but are really just industry paid commercials in disguise.


In reality, you can eat potatoes if done in moderation, preferrably boiled or baked with the skin on and organic if at all possible. Also put some butter or extra virgin olive oil or some kind of healthy fat on the potatoes to lower the glycemic index.


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