Please vote for an independent this coming Presidential Election

My view is that-unless Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination-people should vote for neither for Obama nor the Republican candidate.  Obama has been a major disappointment, and a sell out.  Corruption and abuse of power continue, like they did under Bush.  Obama is a product of the system and is not interested in truely reforming it.  All the Republican candidates-except for Ron Paul-are also sell outs and corrupt.

So, if you want more of the same (a bad economy, corruption, abuse of power, national bankrupcy, problems not being solved) please vote for a Republican or Democrat.  I will be voting for a third party candidate and I think that everyone should.   If we can take away enough votes from the cozy duolopy of power, we will finally get their attention, or maybe just be able to throw them out of office.  Politicians love to play the influence peddling game, but at the end of the day they need to get elected and they need our votes.  Let´s not give it to them, and send a loud wake up message that we have had enough of business as usual, and want more political parties who don´t represent the status quo.


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