Comsumption is Our National Past Time

This is what we have come to.  Our lives revolve around shopping and consuming, and we do so much of it that we often accumulate much more than we ever need or are going to use.  I can really see how the system has brainwashed our society in addictive mindless shopping.  Everyone who runs the system want people to spend their last dine to juice the system.

I think for much of America shopping has replaced traditional actividades to give us a sense of meaning in our lives.  Black Friday has become a kind of social and personal ritual to keep us entertained.

In this video it shows a kinds of mass hysteria.  People are getting things without even really knowing what they are buying.  Remember, the stuff on sale may be cheap but it is not free, and spending money on something that people don´t need is not smart.

I think that we would be happier and more fulfilled, and less broke if we oriented our lives less around compulsive consumption.


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