Do the bankers control the world?

Have you noticed that Obama´s policies towards banks are exactly the same as Bush´s.  Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss-and both are controlled by the banks.  Now this from Mush Shedlock about Ireland:

…Voters smashed the Fianna Fail (FF) party to smithereens in February (see Massive Rout in Irish Elections; Collision Course with the EU; Default the Best Option for Ireland), to teary-eyed outgoing politicians, only to see incoming party Fine Gael, led by incoming prime minister Enda Kenny, do the exact same thing FF would have done: bail out German and French banks at the expense of Irish taxpayers.

Quite frankly this is maddening. What the hell good are elections if the only choice by either party is to bail out the banks? Worse yet, in Ireland’s situation, it is foreign banks that are bailed out.


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