The New Face of Feminism

In the 70s I believe that feminism was often much more openly strident and in you face. Since then feminism has learned to come with a smiling face. The average feminist on TV today looks presentable, speaks in moderate tones, and tries superficially to sound moderate and reasonable.

I am not buying it. When you look beyond the superficial talk and at the actual actions taken by feminist organizations, the same old female superiority and male degradation exists just as much as it ever did. Feminists have not changed in their goals of privileging women and trying to hurt men. End of story.

There may be a few groups that have become more moderate, and certainly hordes of self professed “feminists” (usually young and naïve) say, and may even honestly believe that feminists are not working to undermine men (the proverbial “useful fools” that every demagogic movement needs), the reality is that the core of feminism remains unchanged and as damaging and unjust as ever.

In fact in some ways it has gotten worse, as feminism has evolved into a game of protecting careers and fief domes in feminist organizations. After all of these years many people have built successful careers and mini empires on the feminist message and they are not about to let that be undermined by reality or open debate. Thus the need to stamp out any dissent and constantly control the message thru emotional blackmail and hysterical exaggeration, as well as plenty of flat out lies and straw man arguments. They work very hard using all of their power to make sure that Men´s Rights Activists are sidelined and cannot get airline or public exposure, because if it comes down to a fair and open debate the feminists will be exposed for their exaggerations and lies and a lot of people will turn away in disgust, and the feminist organizations will lose power.

The thing that most disgusts me about feminism is not just the malice that it has for males, but the outright dishonesty that it constantly (and I presume) knowingly perpetuates. When feminism say that it is about equality, while tirelessly working to privilege females and hurt males, and it continually repeats the lie that women earn less than men for equal work, when everyone who knows something about what is really going on knows that this assertion is a lie, I can only come to the conclusion that the movement has become corrupt and lost is legitimacy.


Women need to look in the mirror

Women need to start taking responsibility for their own poor choices, and stop reflexively blaming men for everything. Feminism combined with the desire of mainstream TV to cater to female audiences, has fomented a mentality that women´s problems are because of men. Instead of looking in the mirror, it is easier to blame the other. Women need to start becoming accountable, especially in their romantic lives.

In our society women are free to make their own choices and for far too many of them they consistently choose losers, even when they have better options. Then when it inevitably ends in tears with the bad boy, they play the victim and have a pity party. There are many good men out there, and there would be a lot more if girls would stop rewarding bad behavior. Many of the bad boys out there have learned the hard way that being nice and respectful is counterproductive.

This desire to become a victim of love stems from two female tendencies. One, too many females love drama so much that they would much rather be in a destructive relationship where at least they feel something, than be in a boring, healthy, steady, mature one where problems are dealt with in an adult way and there is little drama or upset. Look at how so many love watching soap operas which are almost entirely about conflict, drama and destructive behavior. They want the same in their own lives…and they get it.

The other female weakness is a tendency to love playing the put upon victim so as to get attention and sympathy. I am not saying that women consciously choose to be neurotic, but unconsciously so many of them do. They are driven by deep urges and instincts that are so often beyond their ability to control.

They need to really sit down and take stock and realize what they are doing. Instead the typical reaction is to blame men, happily play the victim, and continue on with the same behavior.

I am not saying that men do not have their faults (they do), but I find that in general our society finds it overly convenient to blame men, and excuse women. Feminism, and the need to cater to the female population´s spending power and votes, has created a system that generally blames men and excuses female deficiencies. Without adequate checks on this message, women have found it too easy to just blame men for all their troubles. Millions of women who are not interested in feminism per se have absorbed the soft feminist message that when life gets frustrating-and especially when relationships become frustrating-that the male population is automatically at fault.


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