Republican vs. Conservatives

With all of my numerous caustic commentstowards the left, the Democrats and expecially political correctness (I really hate that in all its forms), one might get the false conclusion that I am a grand supporter of the Republican Party.  The reality is that the Republican Party is a highly corrupt institution, and we should not forget that.  Just because we dislike the left does not mean that the Republican Party gets a pass.  Some individual Republicans can be good people, as can some Democrats, but as an institution it is corrupt to the core.  It primairly serves to enrich the wealthy even more.  As George Bush II said, “You are the haves and the have mores.  You are my base.”  That says it all.

While my views are generally right of center I regard myself ultimately as a pragmatist.  I have no patience for the religious fundimentalist base of George Bush obscessing over homosexuality, stem cells, pornography, gay marriage, Terry Schiavo, etc. which is little more than a cynical political ploy to get the base so worked up about certain cultural and religious issues so that they do not realize that their party (The Republicans) are really there to enrich themselves, play political power games and generally make out like bandits at the publics expense.

I chaffed plenty under the corrupt Bush Administration, but now the religious right is in full retreat and leftist political correctness is the major threat now with Obama.  Besides, eventually most of Bush´s base of religious conservatives belatedly woke up to the fact that Bush was playing them for a fool.  Besides, getting so worked up about abortion or gay marriage seems less pressing now that so many people cannot afford their mortages or get a job.  Putting food on the table suddenly becomes more of a priority, along with cleaning up our system, so that it works for the people.  Getting the economy and system back on track starts to look more urgent than whether stem cell research is approved of by God or not.   So many Conservatives are no longer willing to look the other way when faced with Republican corruption, just because they promise to work for a new marriage amendment.  I hope it stays that way.


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