Playing the Race card again and again

The article by the National Memo is a classic piece of self serving politically correct leftism trying to deflect legitimate criticism of Obama´s leadership by making everything about race. How convenient to have a half black president. Everytime he screws up and people are unhappy, just scream “Racism!!” and hopefully they will all shut up and be cowed into silence.

Prejudice Still Affects Our Polarized Politics

Sat, 11/12/2011 – 12:00am —

Cynthia Tucker

WASHINGTON — In August 2009, in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews asked me about the angry, frequently irrational voters who were showing up at town-hall-style meetings around the country to denounce President Obama’s health care policy. Having watched TV news reports, I knew that many of those voters were older white Americans who benefited from Medicare. Why would they oppose a health care policy for others?

Wow, Tea Partiers are not only “irrational”, but there are also white. That sounds like a scary combination, so according to their logic they should just be dismissed en masse.

Matthews asked whether I thought that some of those voters opposed Obama’s Affordable Care Act because they were uncomfortable with having a black president. I responded that I did.

Of course. When one’s own policies and leadership fails to deliver, it’s always best to play the race card. Just blame all criticism on racism.

After carefully stating that I didn’t think all opposition to Obama’s health care plans stemmed from racial animus, I said, “I think 45 to 65 percent of the people who appear … (at those town hall meetings) are people who will never be comfortable with the idea of a black president.”

More of the same, “all opposition to Obama is based on racism” thinking.

As you might have guessed, right-wing pundits were outraged by my remarks, which were widely misquoted. According to my critics, I had called the town hall protesters “racists.”

When those on the left accuse people of being motivated against Obama, solely based on race, and not other factors, then yes-the left is calling the opposition racist.

That controversy served as one more reminder — as if I needed one — that Americans remain unable to have a rational discourse about race and its ramifications. That’s most unfortunate, since perceptions about race and ethnicity go to the heart of our polarized political culture.

What an outright lie! The last thing the left wants is an honest discussion on race. Political correctness has worked tirelessly for the last four decades to censor any comments that happened to diverge from the official party line. When politically correct types say that they want “an honest discussion on race”, what they want is for the leftist to be able to harangue, and lecture, and sermonize about the evils of white racism, while everyone else listens and silence and glumly nod their heads in agreement. This is their idea of a “discussion”, when reality all they want is a one-way sermon.

A new study by the widely respected Pew Research Center confirms my analysis of those older white voters: The study found a growing generation gap in the electorate, with older voters more likely to support Republicans while younger voters are more likely to vote Democratic. Those party alliances, Pew found, are strongly tied to racial perceptions.

“Race and ethnicity are strongly associated with views about government, and in no small part account for some of the greater liberalism of the younger age groups and greater conservatism of older groups. The polling finds that older generations … do not fully embrace diversity.”

In other words, everyone who doesn’t support the Democrats, Obama, left , as well as political correctness, is an out of date racist old fuddy-duddy dinosaur, who is unwilling to “fully embrace diversity.”

The reality is that in the world of political correctness “diversity” is only invoked when people of color or women are considered to be underrepresented. When blacks, women and leftists dominate certain areas, we hear no talk about diversity. When was the last time you heard any leftist talking about the need for diversity in the NBA, or genuine diversity of political viewpoints among academics?… and no, having a professoriate consisting of radical leftists, strong leftists and a few moderate leftists does not count as genuine “diversity”.

The Pew study also confirms my strongly held view that the nation’s fractured political climate is due, in part, to white voters’ fears of a browning America. While younger white Americans have largely embraced the cultural and demographic changes that have transformed politics, entertainment and courtship, older white Americans are uncomfortable — if not alarmed — by those changes.

Well, maybe people should be alarmed when they see their people (whites) rapidly on the road to becoming a minority in their own country, and being overtaken by other people, who generally have a poor track record in terms of creating a desirable society to live in. If you want to see the glorious new future of multiethnic America, then take a look at a typical Mexican American neighborhood. That is the future, and it is worrying.

Now, according to this article, young Americans are so hip, and cool and trendy that they don’t worry about these things, but if the new multiethnic “salad bowl” ends up looking like Brazil, or South Africa, they will worry about it, and by then it will be too late.

“For many (ages 65 to 83) … Obama himself may represent an unwelcome indicator of the way the face of America has changed. Feelings of ‘unease’ with Obama, along with higher levels of anger, are the emotions that most differentiate the attitudes of (older Americans) from those of the youngest generation.”

First of all, despite all the endless chatter about how all Obama criticism is grounded in little more than racism, the reality is that Obama got elected because of his race. He was able to exploit white guilt and a desire for racial redemption,. Millions of white Americans projected their racial neurosis onto the man, and made him out to be some kind of messiah figure, despite the fact that he had virtually no experience, and his campaign platform was virtually identical to all the Democratic candidates. Obama’s objective qualifications mattered little in such an atmosphere, when he held out the promise of racial atonement and redemption for millions of white Americans racked by racial guilt and insecurity.

Even if some white Americans prefer a white leader, I would love to see an article by the National Memo detailling how blacks universally elect blacks in their majority black areas and cities, which in tern  proves how blacks are such racists because they don´t elect whites.  When whites prefer white leaders it is racism, when blacks prefer black leaders it is normal.

I also want to point out that Obama won Iowa early on which is almost entirely white, so the argument that whites are all anti-black racists is absurd.  How do you think that Obama won the general election?  With the white vote.

Take the matter of interracial dating. Overall, Americans have become much more tolerant over the last several decades; 87 percent of Americans now say that they “agree” it’s all right for blacks and whites to date each other, according to Pew.

But take a look at the generational break when Pew asked people whether they agreed “completely” with interracial dating: 75 percent of those between 18 and 28 said they did, but only 37 percent of those ages 65 to 83 agreed “completely.”

Well, I guess we should just write off an entire generation of people, because they happen to not be thrilled with the concept of racial dating. I suppose such beliefs are equivalent to running around in white sheets, and lynching people, in terms of sheer vileness.

Besides these views sounds dangerously agist- as in sexist, racist, speciesit, etc which PC types love to complain about….except when they themselves induge in a bit of agism.

Notice that neither Pew researchers nor I called those older voters “racists.” The word that I would use to describe the resistance that older white voters have shown toward diversity is “prejudice,” with its roots in the phrase “pre-judge.” They are stuck with long-held notions about such things as gay marriage and interracial dating; those hoary stereotypes are hard to shake loose.

The left has no business lecturing people about prejudice, or pre-judging. The left has plenty of hang-ups and cut and dried stereotypes about the evils of men and whites, and how women and darker toned people are unending noble victims.

Indeed, those notions, no matter how wrongheaded, are core convictions for some, and they carry them into the voting booth. Older voters — Pew calls them the “silent generation,” a cohort just younger than the so-called Greatest Generation — turn out heavily in elections, so politicians, especially Republicans, cater to them and their prejudices.

Of course, being “wrongheaded” is equivalent to not agreeing 100% with Obama, the Democratic party and political correctness in general. Only those on the left reserve the right to be correct about anything.

That helps explain why the issue of illegal immigration has become an intractable mess. It is not a difficult problem to solve: Comprehensive immigration reform would put those undocumented workers already here on a path to legal status. But the GOP base, which skews older and whiter, won’t hear of it.

Of course, the solution to all problems is simply to give in to political correctness and the Democratic Party. Why should we ever expect immigrants, who are illegally in the country, to have to ever account for what they’re doing? Just have a mass amnesty, and everything will be fixed 😉

Those nasty Republicans spoiled everything by daring to oppose the automatic raising of the debt ceiling.  Instead they should have rubber stamped it, because why deal with a problem when it is easier to ignore it and let it go on growing? 😉

Meanwhile, leading political figures, including Obama, studiously avoid the subject of race for fear of provoking a firestorm. The election of a black president didn’t exorcise our remaining racial demons. Instead, Obama’s rise has made it impolite — even politically hazardous — to speak of them. But they remain there in the background, casting shadows over our politics.

First of all, it is the left that repeatedly brings up the issue of race. This very article itself is a prime example of that. They cannot give up race, because using the race card is just too juicy a weapon to leave alone. For them America will forever be the land of unending racial oppression by the evil white overlords. No objective progress in this area will ever be truly recognized. Instead we are expected to pretend that nothing has really changed from the bad old days. If it did, then the left would have to recognize that maybe blacks are not such unending victims after all, and that maybe whites are not as terrible as they’re made out to be. Of course, that would be an unacceptable conclusion that would rob politically correct types of their main political weapon, which is stirring up white guilt and perpetually playing the race card to get what they want.

Of course the left is angry that Obama cannot endlessly stir up racial controversy, blame and guilt, because there is something called the next election which he wants to win.  Instead Obama leaves race baiting to his minions, such as the writer of this article.

(Cynthia Tucker, winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for commentary, is a visiting professor at the University of Georgia. She can be reached at


One Response to Playing the Race card again and again

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Right-wingers don’t hate Obama because of his race; they hate him because they’re told to hate him, and they’re just little sheep who couldn’t tell you why they hate his policies or even what those polices actually are. Teabaggers are idiots.

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