More on the Euro Crisis

I think it is very possible that we might see Britain leave the European Union in the next few years. The decision to join the European Union has always been unpopular in the United Kingdom, but now the whole euro fiasco sentiment is running very high against it. Not only that, but for a lot of people in the European Union it are simply looking less attractive as an option.


I’m reflecting on the European Union and it seems that the only country that has acted relatively beyond its immediate self-interest is Germany. France has always viewed the EU as a way to extend its declining power into a kind of French influenced mini empire. Most of the smaller countries have simply gone along not wanting to be left out. The Mediterranean countries and the ex-communists ones joined the European Union hoping that it would be quick and easy way to achieve Western European levels of prosperity, not to mention access to lots of easy funding.


Now that the whole experiment is coming undone and is creating a lot of pain for everyone, I think that poor countries may begin to revaluate whether they want to continue. Of course they will be careful before they decide to seriously backtrack, and institutions do find it difficult to change course once mentalities have been fixed, but if things continue to get worse we might see it move in this direction. I can also see that the other Germanic countries in Scandinavia and Holland may also decide to call it quits, before the EU drags them down. It’s even possible that eventually Germany may get fed up and decide to leave. Once there is a breakup France and a collection of Mediterranean countries may try to form some kind of Mediterranean Union. At least it is something to think about.


The reality is that Britain has never liked the European Union, and the European Union has certainly never liked Britain, which continues to be treated very often as a kind of barely tolerated guest in the house. It certainly seems like Britain does not get the status it should have as one of the leading European countries considering that France and Germany essentially run the show, while leaving the UK out of it. I can see the sentiment that if France and Germany want to run everything, then let them do it, but let them do it on their own.



Nigel maybe a bit too strident even for my tastes, but the vast majority of what he says has a lot of truth to it, and represents a nice counterpoint to the generally unanimous opinion among the Euro elites that the euro and the European Union do not need to be fundamentally reformed or scrapped. Furthermore, Nigel has been quite prescient in predicting what would happen. Much much better, in fact, the vast majority of opinion makers in the EU, who are constantly assured us that everything will be okay.


This series is very funny with a very subtle but devastating dry wit.


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