Jessie Ventura

I like Jessie Ventura.  He speakes his mind and questions the official story, which is rare these days.  Of course the status quo hates him for not conforming and speaking his mind.

NaturalNews salutes Jesse Ventura for taking a stand against tyranny while the zombie nation sleeps

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I first became aware of Jesse Ventura in 1987 with the release of the motion picture Predator. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, but everybody in my neighborhood thought that Jesse “I ain’t got time to bleed” Ventura really stole the show.

Fast forward almost 25 years, and Jesse Ventura is still stealing the show with his courageous stance on challenging the TSA’s outrageous violations of our Fourth Amendment rights. Ventura is the one man in America who stood up to the TSA, sued them in federal court, and navigated the minefield of mud-slinging negative press that was unleashed against him by a devious mainstream media which cares nothing about fundamental freedoms.

His lawsuit was recently thrown out by the courts, which declared that Ventura was not entitled to a jury of his peers to decide whether he had a constitutional right to be protected against unreasonable searches. That this happened is, all by itself, an explosive warning that our own government is trying to crush whatever might be left of the Bill of Rights. But it’s even worse than that, actually: The blatantly dishonest mainstream media has used the court’s decision as an opportunity to unleash a barrage of vindictive low blows against Ventura that are not merely dishonest; they are flat-out cowardly.

Will the real patriots please stand?

The media, for example, challenges Ventura’s patriotism, saying he’s running away to Mexico because he’s seeking dual citizenship there. But what they won’t report is how Ventura is far more patriotic than any of those mainstream media weasels who apparently would love for their own wives and daughers to be maliciously and sexually groped by obnoxious, arrogant government thugs who, when they’re not running airport screening checkpoints, are hawking stolen iPods and distributing child porn.

Why does Jesse Ventura stand alone against such tyranny? Why isn’t the entire nation incensed about the overreaching tyrannical actions of our own government? Why aren’t honest journalists and reporters pursuing the real story of how a government has stripped away the rights of its citizens?

You can be that if North Korea started reaching down the pants of its own citizens, the U.S. media would have a field day with it, accusing North Korea of “violating basic human rights” and acting like a tyrannical dictatorship. And yet it’s not North Korea engaged in this action but the United States of America! The U.S. government, it now seems, makes North Korea look almost downright freedom-loving.

Kim Jong Il may make me ill, but the molestation groping of air travelers by the TSA makes me want to vomit chocolate smoothies all over their naked body scanner machines. (I wonder if that would be considered an act of “food terrorism?”)

Wake up, America! Your freedoms are slipping away by the day

If America wasn’t a nation of fluoridated sleeping zombies, there should have been riots in the streets when Ventura’s case was thrown out of the courts. It was a Big Government back-handed slap in the face, of course — saying, “How DARE you slaves think you can assert your constitutional rights in OUR courts!”

You might as well try to beg for your life in front of a drunken, insane King who has decided he’s going to steal your land, rape your daughter, and behead you for his own amusement just because he can. And if you think that example sounds extreme, just wait another year or so and you’ll see much the same thing happening right here in America.

As the TSA sets up its illegal checkpoints across the nation’s highways, you’re going to see TSA perverts detaining beautiful women and demanding sexual favors in order for them to be allowed to go free. We’ve already seen TSA employees leaving lewd sexual notes in the luggage of innocent air travelers and making inappropriate comments about the breasts of women that are groped as part of the “enhanced pat-down” procedure.

P.S. Don’t miss my song, “Don’t Touch My Junk” which calls out the TSA with a musical rap:…

As all this continues, you’re also going to see government thugs screaming at veterans and calling them traitors for daring to fly the American flag on their vehicles. Remember how, right after the 9/11 attacks, everybody waved around an American flag as a badge of patriotism? Well now the U.S. flag is considered a sign of terrorism according to present-day government officials — and they claim that anyone mentioning “Ron Paul” or the “Bill of Rights” is suspicious and might be a terror threat!

Listen to my previously un-aired interview with Jesse Ventura

Several months ago, I interviewed Jesse Ventura by phone during his book tour. This interview — which has never before been aired — is downright prophetic as Ventura talks about people “protesting in front of Goldman Sachs” and why he calls this nation the “Fascist States of America.”

And this interview was done before his lawsuit was thrown out by the courts and before the “Occupy” protests!

Listen to it now at…

A stranglehold on liberty

For each day that the American people doze away in their slave-like slumber, the government police state creeps a little further into your life, coiling around your neck like a slithering anaconda in the night, just waiting for the moment to seize up and choke the life out of you while they laugh deliriously at their newfound power. Pretty soon, you’re going to see the horrific face of Janet Napolitano plastered like obscene graffiti across billboards and checkpoint signs with messages that say, essentially, “SPY on your fellow citizens. BE AFRAID.”

And the presstitutes will just laugh at it all, because to them, questioning Big Brother is a form of entertainment to be widely ridiculed. Little do they realize they are digging their own graves, because once tyrants obtain power, one of the very first things they do is sieze control of the media and take anyone who knows any secrets about the government kicking and screaming out the back door where they are quickly dispatched with a bullet.

Media whores, you see, are little more than temporary idiots who unknowingly serve the interests of the very same police state that will turn around and murder them at the earliest convenience. “Cleansing” the media, it will be called. The Ministry of Truth must start off with a clean slate, no? (Read your history, folks. None of this is fiction…)

The real agenda: Marginalize anyone who tells the truth

With these vicious attacks on Ventura’s patriotism, the moral bankruptcy of the mainstream press has become abundantly clear. They will knowingly print half-truths and outright lies as long as it achieves their goal of smearing the reputation of one of the very few men who still has the courage to follow in the footsteps of Jefferson, Payne, Adams and other important thought leaders who gave rise to this nation.

If you have any doubt about the true agenda of the mainstream media, look no further than the recent presidential debates in which Rep. Ron Paul was given a grand total of 89 seconds of talk time during the entire debate (…).

Can it not be even more obvious, folks? Anyone who has the courage to speak out is being censored and marginalized. Meanwhile, those who tell the biggest lies (Obama, Bush, etc.) are handed top positions of power. This is no coincidence.

Battling aliens for freedom

In 1987, Jesse Ventura battled the Predator, a high-tech alien creature with a stealth technology that made it all but invisible to normal humans. Today, Ventura battles the insidious, invisible mind games of a media industry that might as well be alien for all its abandonment of fundamental human decency.

Speaking of predators, what the American public still doesn’t get is that we are all being hunted down by the stealth mind control tactics of the media, the White House and of course the Department of Homeland Security. And if you could peel back the human skin mask of Janet Napolitano, I’m pretty sure you might discover a horrifying lizard-skinned face with a gaping stench hole of a mouth and protruding jaw teeth just like the alien depicted in the Predator film.

But unlike in the Predator motion picture, where Ventura’s character got struck in the chest from the burst of an alien plasma weapon, in the real world I think Jesse Ventura just unleashed his greatest weapon against tyranny — the TRUTH!

Because the truth of the matter — that Americans can no longer have their day in court when it comes to the Bill of Rights — is now obvious to all but the most mind-numbed deniers. America has already devolved into a police state society. We’re already there, folks. By having the courage to sue the government and then see that lawsuit thrown out of court, Jesse Ventura has removed any doubt of what the government has truly become.

Jesse Ventura has unmasked the alien, in other words. And what is now revealed is a government monster that seeks the destruction of everything America stands for.

Bill of Rights? What rights?

There is no mistaking it now: Our present government is a tyrannical fascist system that respects no rights and values no freedoms. Even the “Occupy” protesters are figuring this out as they are being required to obtain permits to protest!

Since when did Free Speech rights require a permit?

Only under a tyranny do you need permission to march onto a public sidewalk and voice your grievances against your government. Only under a tyranny do government agents grope your scrotum and anus, then call it “safety.” Only under tyranny are people required to submit to roadway checkpoints while being intimdated and interrogated by federal agents who growl at you and demand, “Show me your papers!”

Jesse Ventura has now forced the U.S. government to show its hand, and it can no longer claim in any way to be protecting the rights and freedoms of American citizens. From here forward, let there be no illusions: The federal government has declared you to be nothing more than an obedient slave, and it is meticulously working to dismantle the Bill of Rights, one amendment at a time, until all you suckers wake up as slaves in the very land your forefathers once conquered.

Why I salute Jesse Ventura’s defense of liberty

I salute Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Alex Jones and all the other courageous men and women who stand firm against tyranny, against mainstream media lies, and against the foaming-at-the-mouth ridicule of the mind-numbed public whose feeble brains waste away in their fluoridated slumber stasis. I pray they all wake up before they are processed into soylent green and fed to their neighbors…

My list of true America heroes is very, very short. But today I’m adding Jesse Ventura to that list, alongside Thomas Jefferson and Ron Paul. Through his recent actions, he has proven himself to be precisely the kind of renegade rabblerouser we need to question false authority and restore liberty in America by beating back the festering claws of dark tyrants.

And he has proven that one man really can make a difference if he decides to face down oppression in whatever corner it may attempt to hide.

Whatever you think of Jesse, the man deserves credit for doing what the widely-wussified public is too afraid to do… assert the very rights guaranteed to him under the United States Constitution — the very same Constitution that every President swears to protect when they enter office (but then routinely betray as they serve out their terms).

Learn more about Jesse Ventura at:


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