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They’re coming for your boys

I don’t care how you feel about vaccinations in general — but whether you love ’em, hate ’em, or just aren’t sure, there’s one needle out there that simply doesn’t belong anywhere near a child.

It’s Gardasil, the dangerous HPV vaccine being forced on girls despite thousands of cases of damaging and even permanent side effects: paralysis, nervous system disorders, blindness, speech problems, memory loss and even dozens of deaths.

It’s quickly turning into the most dangerous public health experiment in American history — but instead of shutting it down, the feds are getting ready to expand their HPV vaccine recommendations to include boys.

Shows you who’s side they’re really on, doesn’t it?

It’s a crazy move on so many levels, and not just because of the huge risk of side effects we’ve already seen in girls. It’s because the vaccine doesn’t even deliver as promised.

In girls, it’s been dubbed “the cervical cancer vaccine,” but that’s an outright lie manufactured by the media to help sell shots. In reality, it’s only effective against SOME of the HPV strains that cause the cancer — and it’s not even 100 percent effective against those.

Of course, men don’t even get cervical cancer — so the CDC panel pushing the vaccine on boys had to cook up some new reasons just for them.

And they’re doozies.

First, the panel says HPV vaccines can help prevent anal cancer. But unlike cervical cancer, which is a real threat to women, anal cancers pose almost no threat at all. They’re incredibly rare — and you can slash your risk even further by simply not having anal sex.

Next, they claim it can help reduce the risk of genital warts. But while those are common enough, they also pose no health threat at all. Ugly… but non-threatening.

And finally, the agency says getting boys vaccinated can stop them from spreading HPV to girls. You know what else will stop them from spreading HPV to girls? Condoms… or not having sex at all (but, let’s face it, that’s unrealistic in this day and age).

Throw in the fact that the vaccine may start to wear off in as little as five years, and you’ve got a lot of risk for practically no benefit at all — and that’s as true in boys as it is in girls.

One more note on this: Obviously, the biggest beneficiary of any move by the CDC to expand HPV vaccinations is Merck, the maker of Gardasil. And the head of Merck’s vaccine division is… Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the very same CDC that’s pushing Merck’s vaccine.

No wonder they’re so friendly.


2 Responses to More on the HPV Vaccinne

  1. I totally agree with you, there’s one needle out there that simply doesn’t belong anywhere near a child.

    Gardasil Awareness Project

    My main motivation for this site is to help bring out awareness in this vaccine. My daughter only got 2 vaccines then started showing the symptoms of something wrong. We didn’t put it all together until a ways down the road. We refused the third dose of this. After attempting to voice up and let the pharmaceutical companies know this is a problem and getting nowhere, I decided to post all my findings over the past few years.

    I feel this needs to be put out there before we allow our own government to make it mandatory to drug its own people with poison. Please help me to stop this vaccine before it does any more damage or our FDA makes it mandatory.

  2. internationalguy says:

    Thank you for sharing and being aware.

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