More Government Corruption in the new Farm Bill

As you’re getting ready to celebrate a Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones, Environmental Working Group is fighting to fix America’s seriously broken food system.

The well-heeled farm subsidy lobby and its powerful friends in Congress plan to sneak into law – through the budget-cutting Super Committee – their wish list for how to spend billions of your dollars, with no public justification, no open debate and no chance to change a word of what the subsidy lobby has demanded. This “Secret Farm Bill” will surely favor industrial agriculture operations and their pesticides and genetically engineered crops over organic and sustainable farmers, local food and healthier school lunches.

Can food politics in Congress really be this bad? Remember, this is the crowd that buckled under pressure from big food companies to reverse USDA’s new rules for healthier school lunches – so that french fries and pizza will continue to qualify as favored vegetables on the lunchroom menu!

The Super Committee will make its decision soon, and this back-door deal is nothing short of a scandal. EWG has been fighting for weeks to stop it – we just aired our new, hard-hitting TV ad demanding an open farm bill debate.

Now we need your help to hit Big Agribusiness and the Super Committee where it hurts. Help us spread the word:

America is in the midst of an economic and fiscal crisis that has already been devastating for millions. The Super Committee should be making decisions that fix the farm subsidy system, protect conservation programs and ensure that all Americans – especially children – can get enough healthy food.

Instead, agribusinesses are pushing the Super Committee for a Secret Farm Bill that would guarantee a new multi-billion-dollar bailout to corporate mega-farms. This handout would send government checks to highly profitable corporate farmers who are already reaping record incomes from the market. Other, more critical priorities will suffer despite overwhelming public support – including programs to boost the availability of healthy, fresh and organic food and to protect vital nutrition programs for unemployed and low-income Amercans. Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they want to make nutritious and healthy foods more affordable and more accessible in the next farm bill.

We have to stop the Secret Farm Bill – but we can’t do it without you. Will you help us spread the word right away?

EWG is leading the charge to block this gross waste of taxpayer money. Click here to watch our new TV ad and share it with friends and family today!

We’re working hard to make sure the Super Committee looks out for you and your family, not for Big Agribusiness. Thank you for standing with us, and let me wish you a healthy, happy Thanksgiving.


Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group

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