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To see another example of how powerful institutions are able to buy our government go here.

For anther example of how the government is going after the little guy with petty rules, while ignoring the big players who routinely flout the law.  In the previous article on adulterated honey, people have been clamoring for more effective government regulation, and I tend to agree.  But, a cautionary note should be given.  Knowing how corrupt and incompetent government is maybe the worst thing is to give it more power and money.   A local bee keeper said that more government regulation of honey is just a way for the government to snub out the local producer with stifling rules and regulations.  I have seen how requirements by the government that every food product sold be passed thru the health inspector´s net has seriously impacted small informal local food production, which tends to be some of the most natural, unadulterated, freshest and local around.  Most small scale or part time famers have simply given up selling because the hassle is too much, or they or doing it illegally.  While these regulations may have prevented certain adulterations, they have also severely limited access to fresh local produce.  There are many people who own bits of land (often inherited) and farm a bit part time, but due to regulations don´t sell in local shops, because it is illegal.  Instead they only sell for people they know, or use it themselves.  This deprives the populace of being able to buy such products.  I live in a region of Spain surrounded by fruit and vegetable production and yet it is difficult to find fresh, local products.  Almost everything comes from a central warehouse of unknown origin.  Even the small mom and pop shops usually only sell the warehouse stuff.  Farmer´s markets essentially don´t exist.


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