Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Despite a certain disjointed quality Jamie Oliver is a person worth listening to.  What he says is the elusive obvious and everyone ignored the problem of our toxic diet until Jamie came along and pointed it out.  He is not a well organized speaker, he looks like a mess, but he is so passionate, honest and right that he has been able to create a revolution.  He is like the Steve Jobs of health food: passionate and convincing.  There are few people who are smart and actually able to think independently and even less who are able to act on it.  The vast majority of people are conformists sheep who only want to conform to and follow a tribe.

Another point that Jamie Oliver talks about is the danger of leaving out children to clueless and corrupt governments (the system).  People need to be their own advocate, and parents cannot just turn over their kids to the state to raise and educate them.  Parents cannot just abdicate their responsibilities because they have to have a career.  This also brings up the reality that the feminists ability to move women into the workforce has necessitated the need to turn children over to the state to be raised and educated.


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