Beware Collectivist Thinking

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Why collectivism is so dangerous

Watching all this gives me the willies! This is a prime example of “the madness of crowds” and the dangerous collectivist mindset that deludes these people into thinking whatever they do is for “the common good.” Total Marxism is alive and well in Atlanta, it seems, and it’s led by a bunch of do-gooder trance-inducers who somehow manage to attract a group of willing followers who just can’t wait to be told what to say and think. They’re even commanded to use hand signs instead of applause.

These are the kind of people who destroy societies. Well, them and the criminal banksters who run Wall Street, too. On that point, the zombies are right that the banksters are crooks. But you don’t solve these problems by replacing one delusion with another. The only path to true freedom is found in protecting individual liberty which necessarily involves protecting the individual right to speak your mind without seeking permission from some kind of weird collectivist groupthink.

The whole point of free individuals having both their First Amendment and Second Amendment rights is that each person is their own sovereign citizen who has the right, and the power, to exercise freedom, protect the innocent, seek justice and stand as a bastion of strength and individual liberty against a sea of conformist, brainwashed masses whether they be tyrannical governments or mind-numbed zombies.

The whole point of having a Second Amendment, of course, is so that we can protect ourselves from zombies and tyrants who attempt to overrun nations with disturbing regularity. The Second Amendment is what protects the First Amendment, because if the People didn’t have the ability to shoot back, they would very quickly lose their right to speak out.

It’s not the collapse that you should worry about; it’s the rebuilding of society that comes after

All this reminds me to remind you that once the collapse of America is in full swing, NaturalNews will put out a call for patriots and lovers of liberty to take action and interject yourself into the discussions of how we rebuild society.

The danger — the great danger in all this — is that after the collapse of our current system, the collectivist zombies will take control and we will end up with something far, far worse than the crony capitalism we have today. If you thought George Bush and his secret prisons were bad, just imagine Nancy Pelosi leading a national zombie chant, declaring that anyone earning over $125,000 a year should have their wealth confiscated; that Free Speech is now subject to government approval; that everyone except the government should be completely disarmed; and that individual liberty must be sacrificed for the “common good of the People.” These are all code words for outright government tyranny.

Remember: Just because our current system is headed for collapse doesn’t mean we’re automatically going to get something better in its place. If we want a truly free and just society, we will have to fight for it. We will need the Jeffersonians, the Ron Paul supporters, the liberty lovers and the freedom fighters to take decisive action in making sure our “Next Society” doesn’t end up becoming some sort of weird collectivist cult led by people like Michael Moore.

Just because the People are pissed off doesn’t mean they understand the principles of liberty and economic growth. Many protesters, remember, actually believe that governments create jobs! (Hilarious.) And that everybody can just be given free health care, free educations, free rent, and free everything under a nanny state system where the government controls everything they do.

While I agree that education should be provided by one generation for the benefit of the next (in other words, all education is free when you’re young, but you pay it forward to the next generation), I also understand that the key to economic growth is reducing government burdens on small businesses — especially in the realm of health care. We’ve got to get government out of the way and let America’s great entrepreneurs create jobs and create wealth. That only happens when liberty is assured; when power is decentralized; and when regulatory burdens are minimized to cover only the really important things like preventing corporations from dumping toxic chemicals into the rivers and so on.

Most ideas about how to run society are BAD ideas

People have all sorts of weird ideas about how to run societies, but history has shown us that most of them are ill-conceived. Furthermore, tyranny always comes out of good intentions, so it’s not enough to just “intend” to create a utopian society. It comes down to HOW you structure it.

What Jefferson and America’s founding fathers understood is that all power tends to become concentrated over time in the hands of the few. Thus, the Declaration of Independence — and later the Bill of Rights — were all written to decentralize power by placing it in the hands of sovereign citizens from which government was granted its power to protect the rights of the People. The power of government stems solely from the power of the People who conditionally grant such power to the government. This is the polar opposite of what collectivists believe: They think that power begins with a central authority and then it is distributed to the obedient masses from there. That’s why so many OWS protesters are still calling for big government to solve all their problems… they still believe government rules over them and therefore has the authority to fix everything!

Watch my increasingly popular video “Freetopia” to get a better understanding of all this:…

Beware of collectivism

Only through the interaction of individual thought — brought forth by free men and women — can we truly achieve a brighter future. Those who try to sell you (or hypnotize you) to believe in socialism, communism, Marxism or other “groupthink” solutions are terribly misled and have failed to read (or understand) history. Liberty is the only path to lasting freedom and economic abundance.

End the Fed! Bring the money supply back to the People:

Support States’ rights! The Tenth Amendment helps halt the federal takeover of local laws:

Support Ron Paul! He’s the only candidate who understands freedom and is willing to protect it:

Join the protests! Let your voice be heard as a pro-freedom, pro-Ron Paul liberty defender who believes in food freedom (raw milk), farm freedom (hemp farming), medical freedom (medicinal herbs), economic freedom (honest money) and individual freedom (Bill of Rights). Carry the signs, shoot videos and upload them to NaturalNews.TV if you wish.

This is how we achieve real, lasting change — by starting with just showing up and making sure the protests aren’t dominated by a bunch of collectivist zombies who utterly fail to understand what freedom really means.

Learn more:

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