Rick Perry and vaccines

I’m happy to say that this Republican primary is turning out to be surprisingly fresh. Ideas that were not talked about years go are being brought up.  The last Republican debate was surprisingly lively. I think there’s a feeling that this election cycle the Republican masses are going to be more skeptical and demanding of the candidates. The days when all the Republican candidate had to do was wave the flag and talk about homosexuals, abortion and guns, are hopefully over.

I am happy to see that Perry has been stung by his worrying links to mandating vaccines and big Pharma payoffs. It is nice to see this topic being brought up. I’m also not happy about Perry’s stance on immigration which is very soft.

On the positive side Perry has dared to openly question global warming, and has called Social Security a Ponzi scheme.  Such honest language is very refreshing.


Dear NaturalNews readers,

I first wrote about Rick Perry’s illegal pushing of deadly HPV vaccines in 2007 (http://www.naturalnews.com/021572.html).

There, I revealed how Mike Toomey, a Merck lobbyist, also worked in the Perry administration in Texas. Toomey and Perry conspired to claim that HPV vaccines were now “mandatory” for all Texas girls, even though they knew that such claims were a complete hoax. (There was never a law that required mandatory HPV vaccines in Texas.)

Heck, I even published a CounterThink cartoon on the subject back in 2007:

I remember that, after publishing this story in 2007, the criminal vaccine pushers of the world tried their best to criticize my article, claiming that vaccines were “saving lives” and that Rick Perry was a courageous governor to protect public health by forcing people to get these shots. I was “irresponsible” for criticizing Perry over his HPV vaccine mandate, they insisted. Of course, these were all paid trolls working for Big Pharma…

Just four years later, the tide has turned against vaccines. Now Rick Perry is being publicly attacked over his 2007 vaccine mandate hoax, and he has been forced to publicly apologize for his vaccine-pushing behavior. During the debates, other candidates such as Bachmann used Perry’s vaccine-pushing history to beat him over the head with criticism.

This shows how we’ve won the info war against vaccines. And that’s probably because parents are increasingly realizing just how many children have been harmed or killed by vaccines — autism, seizures, neurological damage, comas and even death are all side effects which are provably connected to vaccines.

Here’s a summary of why Rick Perry is in so much hot water today for his vaccine pimping history from 2007:


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