Ajrichards.com scam web site

I was looking to buy a camera and searched for the Canon s95 on nextag.com.  Most of the prices were $360, but ajrichards.com had it for $320 plus free shipping.  I felt confident that the store should begit because nextag.com had a 4.5/5 star rating for the vendor which is very good.

I was about to buy but decided to check in google for reviews/comments about the web site, and a whole plethora of complaints spilled out before me.  Apparently the quick talking salesman tries to get customers to buy all kinds of absolutely overpriced accessories (memory cards, batteries, chargers).  But, not only that but they slap on a mysterious “insurance fee” onto their “free” delivery, and an additional handling fee.  Furthermore, it appears that the merchandise is often open box and used.   People go there to get the best price and end up massively overpaying, and getting products in dubious condition.

I am not surprised that there are vendors out there that are dishonest, but what I find unsettling is that nextag.com gave them a 4.5 star rating when they deserve a 1 star.  Is nextag.com working in conjunction wth ajrichards.com to skew the comments, or is ajrichards.com filling nextag.com with bogus reviews?  Either way it is worrying since obviously nextag.com cannot be trusted at all to give reliable reviews about their vendors.

In the end just anther reason to do a google search for any website that you do not personally know, to check if it is legit.  In the end Amazon.com wins because people know them and know that they are a real business.

A while ago there was a web site with fantastic prices for Nikon cameras.  I did a check and they are totally criminal.  They don´t even ship the merchandise.  They just keep the money.

Further evidence that


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