Interesting Videos

Great video exposing the hypocrisy of feminism.  Feminism has helped to create an unbelievable sense of entitlement among women in America

This video is a bit extreme, but shows how leftists and politically correct people so often argue in thought terminating emotionally laden buzz words, similar to brain washed fundamentalists.  I would rather argue with Mormon cult members than argue with cultural Marxists.  At least the Mormons are less obnoxious.

More feminist scarry nonsense

Feminists are all for equality…except when they aren´t.  They like equality when men are doing better, but then ignore equality if something favors females.

I think that Oprah is overrated, commercial and filled with PC clichés.  A low point was when she fatuously endorsed Obama as “The One” and implied that he would be our savior.  How has they prophesy worked out?

It is obvious that Obama does not have a clue as to help the economy.  All of his super smart Harvard educated advisers also don´t have a clue.  Just another example of how academia is so often out of touch with reality.

One of the beliefs of our elites (especially those on the left) is that we can get something for nothing.  Instead of having to face difficult problems we can come up with fiscal trickery to get around it.  It almost always never works.

Great video on the idiocy of the FED and current fiscal policy

More scandals on the bank bailouts

More on inflation

More on the FED

Great comments on Obama´s promises

Great comments on feminism and how they twist the truth

More on feminism.  The sense of privilege and entitlement among American females is amazing.

More on the language of feminism.  Not all are like this but many are.  One super true saying is that there are no good men out there.  Most women have raised their standards so much, and have not tried to actually be charming, that almost no man is able to satisfy their demands.  Instead of being realistic, they blame their lack of social success on idea that there are no good men out there.  This is total nonsense.

This is an interesting commentary on why girls like bad boys. This is not always true, but I do think that there is a part of so many females that really enjoys high drama, playing the victim and feeling sorry for themselves, looking for sympathy, having lots relationship problems to be always brooding over.  So many women find healthy, mature, stable and non dramatic relationships to be boring and uninteresting.  Much better to live like in a soap opera with constant intrigue, drama, abuse, pathos,  “passion”, blow ups, and a host of other volatile emotions, most of which are negative, but which always keep the relationship full of unexpected surprises and tensions.  Relationships without high drama are uninteresting for so many women.  Most men, in contrast, prefer stable relationships that just work with a minimum of drama and fuss.

There are some very interesting insights in this video.  It shows how advertising works.  It also reveals how the majority of consumes are women, so despite proclaiming themselves to be the victims they control the advertising and most of the TV programming.  It also points out the truth that violence against women is totally unacceptable and condemned in TV, but violence against men is just normal and even considered funny much of the time.  I am not sure that females are worse than males, but in today`s America females have been so indulged that so many of their worst traits are coming out.  Humans have a tendency to act badly and take advantage of the situation if encouraged to, and our popular culture encourages females to be narcissistic, self centered, not take responsibility, always blame men for everything, have double standards, not be fair and generally be egotisitical with a massive sense of entitlement and victim status.

PC culture, feminism, and many religions use emotionally charged accusations-which provoke fear, shame, guilt, insecurity in the individual to short circuit the logical thought process and put the other into an intimidated emotional state.  Accusations such as sinful, heretic, apostate, racist, sexist, hater are all used to get people to shut up in an argument.  The reason that these ideological movements have to resort to these tactics is that they cannot win a logical argument so they have to win it by emotional bullying.

Interesting point.  I do not agree completely on the abortion issue, but the rest makes sense.  Certainly the Marxist left for a long time has had a plan to undermine the family, so that the state can take care of everyone.  Feminism also does not like marriage since it means that women have to marry men.  Much better for women to only be in lesbian relationships so they are not compromised in their hatred on men.  Certainly I think that obligating women to work and abandoning their kids to institutions all day is a form of emotional cruelty, but the career must come first and kids are secondary.


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