Where did all the green jobs go?

I remember two or three years ago that everyone was enraptured with the idea of the nascent green jobs revolution that was just around the corner. For while California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger thought that green jobs would save California’s economy. Well, that certainly didn’t work out. Obama and friends were constantly talking about how green jobs were going to save the economy. Lots of college students went out and got majors in green jobs, because it was supposed to have such a bright future.

In the end the vast majority of these green jobs have never materialized, and most taxpayer-funded efforts to promote the revolution, have only succeeded in wasting money. Just recently a California solar panel company filed for bankruptcy after having been loaned half a 1 billion by the federal government.  When the loan was given Obama gave a speech waxing glowingly about how the company represented the glorious future of American enterprise and ingenuity. Now it is going out of business.

The reality is the whole Green Revolution was based more on hype and wishful thinking than reality. The sad fact is that we currently do not have a viable alternative energy source. Wind power is probably the most doable at the moment, but even it has problems with costs and geographic limitations. Solar power is extremely expensive and only works during the day. So far biofuels have not produced the results that we had hoped (except in Brazil). So, at the moment nothing is really working out.

Of course, there are those who say that there are several different wonderful alternative fuels that are being suppressed by the powers that be because cheap abundant energy would threaten the status quo. They may very well be right, but at the moment I’m not sure. Of course, a real alternative energy would threaten the power structure and its vested interests, so I think is very possible that such technologies may be being suppressed.

If you have any feedback on the state of alternative energy please let me know.


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