Sucker Punch

I recently saw the movie sucker punch. It is a very odd assortment of very good and very bad.

The good: the action sequences are fantastically well done. I’m not a great action movie fan, but the scenes in sucker punch really impressed me. They’re very creative, meticulously crafted, and very exciting and entertaining.  The movie in general is very stylistically and nicely photographed.

The bad: pretty much everything else that is individual. When the movie is not involved in its 20 minutes or so of intense action, the rest of the scenes are slow, tedious and depressing. The imagery is still well done, but everything else about the movie is fractured, difficult to follow, and tiring.

In some: an interesting concept with some fantastic action sequences, and polished cinematography, undermined by incoherence, tedium and depressing scenes.  If you get a copy of it, watch it for the fun part, and leave the rest behind.


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