Sarah Silverman´s Blackmail and the Next Election

I remember during the last presidential elections when the comedian Sarah Silverman essentially told her friends to employ emotional blackmail to force their grandparents to vote for Obama. She told her viewers to tell their grandparents that they would not be able to see their own grandchildren unless they voted for the “correct” choice (Obama).

At the time I was completely appalled by what she was doing. We all have a right in a democracy to vote according to our conscience, and not to be emotionally blackmailed by a family member. I know that Sarah Silverman felt strongly about this, but it absolutely smacks of unbelievable arrogance. What it she is basically saying is that, “I am so right in my preference for Obama, that I have the right to obligate you to vote for Obama against your will.”  I wonder how Sarah Silverman feels now about her link tactics to help elect the “savior”.

Looking back it’s quite amazing how Obama was able to practically hypnotize much of the nation. His platform during the campaign was virtually identical to the other candidates, but he somehow emotionally touched a nerve and was able to transform himself from an unknown into a virtual Messiah figure. I remember when he was elected people were jumping up and down and crying. They were hysterical. Obama was compared to Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Roosevelt, etc. There was so much messiah talk that Obama himself joked about not being born in a manger, despite rumors to the contrary.

Now here we are almost 3 years later and-surprise surprise-we find out that Obama is pretty much another corrupt empty politician beholden to special interests and unwilling/unable to tackle the problems of the country faces.  He has lied to the American people, and done the bidding of lobbyists. Quite the contrary to his image at election time as an idealistic reformer, the fact is that his fiscal policy is essentially identical to that of Bush Junior. Like other presidents before him he has sold the country out to the powerful financial and banking interests.

Upon seeing the same old politics as usual in the Obama administration, leftists in particular have woken up as if from a trance, and realized that they have been duped. Some still stubbornly trie to deny the reality by blaming everything on the Republicans, but I think most Democrats have at least partially come to the conclusion that Obama has been a great disappointment, especially considering the extremely high hopes upon which he was elected.

We haven’t had a really good president in a long time, but the last two have been real stinkers (Bush and Obama). In both cases the American public chose not to do a sober analytical study of the candidate´s platform and history. Instead we chose to be seduced by charisma and charm.

First Bush’s cowboy act convinced a majority of the nation twice that the man is some kind of honest salt of the earth cowboy candidate, far removed from the out of touch corrupt elitists.  Bush bought a new ranch to mislead the public into the impression that he had grown up as the simple hard-working cowboy. But even a cursory check of his background would’ve quickly revealed that Bush Junior went to both Harvard and Yale, and came out of a wealthy New England patrician family whose father was the president, vice president and head of the CIA, and whose grandfather was a senator.  We fell for the Bush cowboy act, and payed for it with eight years of arrogance, incompetence and corruption.

One would think that after enduring the Bush administration we would have become older and wiser, and would’ve done her homework with the next presidential candidate. But in the 2008 presidential elections we instead stampeded our way into the arms of Obama the Messiah and Savior.  He would somehow magically, through sheer personal charm, be able to rescue the economy and save everyone.  Obama was an unknown with very little political experience and no legislative accomplishments, and no executive experience.  That did not stop us from collectively swooning to his charming and entirely vacuous speeches filled with lots of innuendo and emotion, and very little content.  We really behaved like a little child that believed that a magic man would calm along and make all the bad things go way. It really is very infantile logic.  When I heard about candidate Obama I wanted to see his detailed 16 point plan for fixing the country. Most of the country, however, was content enough to hear the words “yes we can”.

I’m beginning to really understand how pay personality like Hitler was able to capture the imagination of a well-educated, but hurting country like Germany. Is there really much difference between one of Obama’s emotionally overwrought campaign speeches, and one of Hitler’s overwrought Nazi speeches? Both had people so emotionally whipped up that sober logical thought was impossible.

United States also reacted emotionally to the September 11 terrorist attack. When it happened I felt that we needed to be extra cold blooded, logical and rational. We needed to find out about our enemy and think of a clearheaded way to respond. Instead, we lashed out like an enraged beast and ended up invading Iraq, which had nothing to do with the attack in New York. We spent a ton of money (that we do not even have), lost a lot of people, opened the floodgates of chaos in Iraq, created the Department of Homeland Security (and the odious TSA), passed the Patriot Act, and generally did a lot of things that hurt our country, undermined our civil liberties, and lowered her quality of life.

It will soon be time for the next presidential elections, and so far I’m not encouraged by what I see in the campaign. The current presumed front-runner is Perry. I don’t know much about the man, but at the moment my instinct is that he’s a very charming, likable, and utterly corrupt individual. In other words, he’s like Bush, but more charming, and probably even more corrupt.  There are some scandals swirling around him based on mandating dangerous vaccines in Texas, and he has a policy that all e-mails in his department are destroyed after seven days. When questioned on this policy he essentially said that he wanted to get rid of e-mails in case someone like an attorney general would start poking around.  Well so much for transparency.

I would like to think that the American public after 12 years of serious mismanagement has grown up. However, the way things are going, it looks like the public is going to fall under the spell of Perry’s charm, and little things like corruption will be ignored amidst all of the emotionalism.  We still seem to like the idea of a charming rascal to coming along, lying to us that everything will magically be fine, and then turning out to be just another corrupt and abusive politician once in office.

Of course the media is doing everything he can support Perry and undermine the candidacy of Ron Paul. This by itself is enough to make me wary of Parry and want to support Ron Paul. Because, after all, if the media likes Perry, that probably means that he is part of the corrupt power system. The media certainly is working overtime to discredit and marginalize Ron Paul, because they’re afraid that if he ever wins election and becomes president, he will begin to step on the toes of the privileged insiders. He is a real reformer who goes against the corrupt vested interests, so the media is going to make sure that a real reformer is never elected.

This is just how our corrupt system works. I can imagine that if by some minor miracle Ron Paul actually wins the election, and overcomes the media bias and other hurdles thrown out by two parties, that and the media in the system will do everything they can to block and discredit him as president. They might even kill him, as they did with Kennedy, if he goes too far in trying to clean up the mess.

Anyway, we will have to see how all of this unfolds. I’m still hoping that the American people wake up and vote for Ron Paul-or someone similar. We will have to see.


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